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Teeth whitening

What is Bleaching?

Just as every person has skin color and eye color, they also have tooth color. The color of the tooth varies depending on race, age and geographical region. For example; While the teeth of the black race are very white, the teeth of the white race are more yellow in tone. Our teeth may become darker in color for different reasons. Medicines used, high amount of fluoride in drinking water, etc. Whitening or bleaching is the process of removing discoloration on teeth. It can be applied to one tooth or all teeth. With the bleaching method, the natural tooth color is lightened by approximately 1-2 tones.

Whitening should definitely be done under the supervision of a dentist and cheap products bought from markets should not be used. Before the procedure, the dentist examines your teeth. If you have inflammation in your gums and stones on your teeth, these must be removed first. In order for the whitening process to be performed, your dentist must not notice any cracks or excessive wear on the enamel during the examination of your teeth. These may cause you to feel very sensitive after the whitening process. Bleaching (teeth whitening) process is different from the process of removing stains from teeth (Poluture) applied at the end of gum treatment. With the polyurethane process, stains such as tea and cigarettes that adhere to the teeth are removed. In the bleaching process, following the polyurethane process, 1-2 tones of bleaching is achieved in the original color of the tooth.

Bleaching (Teeth Whitening) Methods

Today, two methods are applied; These methods, called Home-Bleaching (applied at home) and Office-Bleaching (applied in the clinic), can be applied together (combined system) in some stubborn cases (such as tetracycline discolorations) or when more whitening is desired.

Home-Bleaching; In this method, the patient self-administers the medicine at home. Application period is 7-14 days. It should be applied 6-8 hours a day. In recent years, depending on changes in drug concentration, it has become possible to obtain results with 2-3 hours of application per day. Upper and lower measurements are taken from the patient and a special plate is prepared for bleaching. The patient applies the medicine to the plate and puts the plate in his mouth at any time he wishes – preferably at night while he sleeps. The concentration of bleaching gel used in home bleaching is kept low to avoid damaging teeth or gums.

In the Office-Bleaching method, the physician administers the medicine to the patient in the clinic. If there is gingivitis or tartar or plaque formation in the oral environment, it should be treated and the teeth prepared beforehand. First, your gum protectors are applied to your gums with a light device. Whitening gel is applied to the teeth one by one and a light source is applied for 15 minutes. This process is repeated 2 or 3 times. The process takes approximately 1 hour. Activation of the drug is done with light, heat or laser. The effectiveness of the system increases in direct proportion to light and temperature. This system can be used in smokers, but it is recommended not to use many coloring products, including cigarettes, for at least 48 hours after the procedure.

Combined System: First, Home-Bleaching is applied to the patient, followed by Office-Bleaching and the treatment is completed. This method gives more effective results when the tooth color tone is dark and stubborn.


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