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Orthodontic Treatment

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics; It is the specialty of the branch of dentistry that diagnoses and checks the harmony relations of mismatched and crooked teeth, tries to prevent this situation and treats it.

Why do orthodontic problems occur and how are they treated?

For disorders such as the lower jaw being forward or backward, the treatment method is decided by taking into account the age of the patient. If the patient is in adolescence and the lower and upper jaw structure is backward, treatment is possible with orthodontic techniques. If the patient is an adult, the treatment of skeletal disorders is carried out in collaboration with orthodontics and surgery. Depending on functional disorders, e.g. Jaw disharmony may be observed in situations such as mouth breathing. In a mouth-breather person, the upper part of the chin will remain narrow and will be in a V-shape.

Situations that should not be done and have become habits, such as using a bottle or a pacifier for a long time, thumb sucking, and nail biting, may cause orthodontic disorders. These habits should be treated as early as possible.

It is important to prevent these habits at an early age in order to complete skeletal development.

Situations such as the tongue being larger than it should be in terms of structure and the presence of extracted tooth cavities also cause gaps in the teeth. If the jaw structure to which the teeth attach is small and the teeth are large; The teeth do not fit into the jaw and crowding occurs.

Early or late loss of primary teeth may also cause crooked teeth. Instead of milk teeth falling out of the mouth prematurely, the permanent tooth in the mouth slides into this space. Since the teeth that need to come out cannot find a place for themselves, crookedness occurs.

Orthodontics with Transparent Plaque

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