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Implant Practice

What is an Implant?

It is a screw-like material, usually made of titanium, that is placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth.

How is the implant applied?

With a minor surgical procedure and local anesthesia, specialist physicians create space in the jawbone and place the implant. It can generally be done in about 10 minutes. It can be applied directly after shooting. In many cases, it can be done without cutting and sewing.

Who Can Have It Done?

It can be applied to anyone over the age of 18 with missing teeth. It can only be done in people with advanced diabetes, after the sugar is under control. In patients receiving chemotherapy, implants can be applied after 4 years. Apart from that, when the period without teeth is too long or there is bone deficiency due to other reasons, treatments that increase the amount of bone along with implants may be required.

Healing Process

Although the process varies from case to case, the union between the implant and the bone, which we call osseointegration, is achieved between 2 and 4 months. Nowadays, with some new generation special implants, loading can be done after 3 weeks, depending on the condition of the case. In some cases, temporary teeth can be loaded instantly in front tooth implant applications. As a result, your teeth can be fixed on the same day in the aesthetic area and within 3 weeks to 6 months for other areas.

Implant Types

There are more than 400 brands in Turkey. The most important thing you should pay attention to is that the implants are not fake. After all implants made in our clinic, the patient is given a certificate with a barcode.

How long is its lifespan?

The implant can be used for life as long as there are no problems. However, the lifespan of the prostheses made on it varies.
Things to pay attention

  • The physician must be competent and experienced
  • Implants are not fake
  • Prosthetic planning to be made on imolant

Things to Consider After Surgery

Very hot and very cold foods and drinks should be avoided for the first week. Milk and dairy products should be avoided for the first week. Products such as acidic drinks, cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided for 1 week. If there are stitches, they should be removed after 1 week. The tampon in the mouth should be bitten for at least half an hour, and rinsing and spitting should not be done on the first day. Anticoagulant medications such as aspirin and coumadin should be avoided until 24 hours later. Medicines prescribed by your doctor (Antibiotics, painkillers should be used)


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