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We Care About Your Oral and Dental Health

Oral and dental health is at least as important as the health of other organs of our body. If the right interventions are not made at the right time, oral and dental problems can become even more serious.

Dt. Nilgün ALPER Kaygusuz

Did you know that implants are made immediately after tooth extraction?

The toothless period after tooth extraction until implant application frightens many people. It is possible to avoid this situation, which causes difficulties both aesthetically and functionally. Get healthy teeth in a single session with immediate implant application after extraction.

Our comprehensive dental services all our treatments and services are provided in a comfortable, hygienic clinic designed to high quality standards.


Our Services That Make Us Different

Digital Smile Design

The digital world has entered dentistry very quickly, as in every field, and digital dentistry is improving itself day by day and is now in the treatment phase after diagnosis and planning.

Zirconium Coating

With zirconium coatings, the tooth becomes both durable and adds aesthetic appearance and durability to the bridges in the back areas. Durability and good-looking aesthetics are provided together with veneered teeth.

Implant Application

With a minor surgical procedure and local anesthesia, specialist physicians create space in the jawbone and place the implant. It can generally be done in about 10 minutes. It can be applied directly after shooting.

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain veneers are an opportunity to have better appearance and solid aesthetic teeth.


Comments from Our Patients


An immaculate clinic.. Reliable service. We had our treatment with peace of mind. Many thanks to our doctor Ms. Nilgün
Gülnaz Çetin
It is definitely the place that takes away all my fears, where I go safely and leave happy every time. The clinic where I did not feel the need to listen to another doctor after talking to my teacher Nilgün.
Zehragül YÜCEL
An external hospital where we can get anything you can think of externally done with peace of mind. They have friendly staff, they diagnose their patients with a solution-oriented approach, especially thanks to my teacher Nilgün, she saved me from my pain 🙏🏼🙏🏼
First of all, a very friendly and professional team, the clinic is perfectly designed from start to finish and is spotlessly clean. It is a place you should choose with confidence in every matter you can think of. I would like to thank Ms. Nilgün, who made plans throughout my dental treatment, shared every step with me, and did a great job at the end of the treatment.
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You can contact us for your questions about Oral and Dental Health.

We offer a range of services to help you overcome fear and finally enjoy oral health.

Toothache can be caused by various problems. We identify the problem through inspections and help you.

We offer a variety of gum treatments customized for your specific health needs.

With advanced dentures, we can restore your smile, speaking and eating ability.

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Digital Smile Design

The digital world has entered dentistry very quickly, as in every field, and digital dentistry is improving itself day by day and is now widely used in the treatment phase after diagnosis and planning.​


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You can get 24/7 support from our experienced dentists for your oral and dental health problems.

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