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Digital Smile Design

Smile Design

The digital world has entered dentistry very quickly, as in every field, and digital dentistry is improving itself day by day and is now widely used in the treatment phase after diagnosis and planning.

How to Make a Smile Design?

It is determined how much the tooth will be visible when we laugh when the lip is in a resting position. It is ideal for it to appear 1-2 mm in the resting position. When we smile, all of our upper teeth are visible and 1-2 mm of our gums are visible, which is aesthetically pleasing. In this case, gingival levels and symmetries, which we call pink aesthetics, come into play. Just planning the teeth is not enough. To be aesthetic, the teeth must be close to the golden ratio. Measurements are made and their width and height are calculated to ensure that they are not too long or too short. Proportions are also important. So, for example, the ratio of your central tooth to our canine tooth. To create a smile curve parallel to the lower lip curve, the tooth view is shortened from front to back by pre-calculated amounts. Midline position and angle are adjusted. We cannot always change the position of the midline. However, we need to make the angle parallel to the long axis of the face. Otherwise, the teeth may appear to extend from right to left, for example. Patterns with sharper or oval lines are chosen depending on the shape of your face.

Digital Smile Design

Nowadays, these applications can be done digitally. The photographs and measurements taken can be transferred to the computer and all these calculations can be made. MRI in our clinic. Coachman DSD protocols are implemented.


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